Welcome to Build 1 Thing

Endless Resources to Create, Build, Publish, Scale & Sell on the Internet

Why Build 1 Thing?

No one can compete with you on being you. Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most. (Naval)… So we give you the resources to run that race.

Most creators and entrepreneurs don’t mind getting in the game or running their race, but they are bombarded by too many inputs and distractions. At the core, they need to stay grounded in themselves (calm, creative, directional and focused), but also be building out their own “ecosystem” online that they can thrive in… one that serves their personal brand, their mission and a better relationship with time, energy and money.

Build 1 Thing is the compound effect of implementing 1% into nearly everything we do... so we can

  1. Grow our authentic brands and influence online 
  2. Gain more value in less time
  3. Reduce cognitive overload
  4. Create more wealth from productizing our experience and knowledge
  5. Implement systems thinking and designs into our lives and businesses
  6. Test and track progress in real time
  7. Run with a network that’s consistently building
  8. Immediately implement into our current and future strategies

As creators, we’re already in the arena so it’s about moving together and keeping each other in that space. We are the people we spend the most time with so running together means taking the cognitive load off of wearing all the hats because we’re all essentially each other’s marketing, operations and branding teams.

Why You Should Join Us

If you’re looking towards the long term goal of getting wealthy, you should ask yourself, “Is this authentic to me? Is it myself that I am projecting?” And then, “Am i productizing it? Am I scaling it? Am I scaling with labor or capital or with code or with media?” (Naval)

The Build 1 Thing community was born from helping creators, like you, avoid burnout, create more content from your passions/purpose and more wealth from your knowledge and service... in the digital economy

Some of the biggest reasons creators struggle is because of time and energy… time to figure everything out (platforms, social media strategies, marketing, sales, systems, etc.) and energy to do it all without knowing how.

So, we took resistance, cognitive overload, expensive barriers and isolation off the table and created a community/resource for implementing everything online that you need to thrive in the digital age.

Need to publish a weekly newsletter and grow your subscribers, we got you.

Need to create, launch & grow a podcast, we got you.

Need to diversify your revenue online from multiple digital sources, we got you.

We compound education and build-outs so you can simply execute based on what you need.

We also host monthly workshops, live office hours, special guests across every expertise and provide a library of every resource you need for the web.

Again, we love you too!



Every month we launch carefully crafted, streamlined EXACT blueprints for building various components of their business in the digital economy… newsletter creation & monetization, podcasting, YouTube building, course creation, email marketing, sales automation, social media strategies for growth, webinars & workshops, CRM, landing pages and more… PURCHASE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.

Every month we drop:

  • Monthly templates for growing your business complete with step-by-step implementation
  • Video tutorials walking you through exactly what to do.
  • PDFs with additional instructions
  • Access to our RESOURCE LIBRARY - find any tool for any occasion.
  • Free Monthly Workshops (Spots fill fast and members get first access)
  • Purchase any template you need for immediate use... we got you!

Build With Community (Monthly)

For a few entrepreneurs and creators who are trying to move a bit faster and not only want access to all of our digital resources (monthly builds, etc), but also need weekly coaching in sales, marketing, content creation, systems, mindset and mental health as well as a community to run with... 

This membership gives you ALL ACCESS to every channel (unique to focus… i.e. YouTube Growth, Newsletter Strategies & Monetization, etc.) so you can immediately implement what other creators are learning in their marketing strategies, tactics and experiments. You will also get exclusive offers to future events, special guest workshops and more.

  • Ongoing weekly LIVES / office hours (60-90 mins) - mindfulness & personal development, sales & marketing, lead gen, content creation, expanding your creativity, systems & more
  • Live work sessions - build while we build… anything, everything
  • Access to ALL community channels reporting on relevant growth hacks
  • Monthly “build” templates & blueprints complete with video tutorials and guided instructions.
  • Access to our RESOURCE LIBRARY - find any tool for any occasion.
  • Free Monthly Workshops (Spots fill fast but YOU get first access)
  • Discounts to future events, workshops and more.

With Gratitude

We love helping everyone in this community… The biggest reason we started it is because we’re not just entrepreneurs, but content creators, mental health advocates, supporters and grateful. It’s not easy being online and trying to build your brand, publish your ideas or build a business. In fact, it can feel very isolating at times.

Additionally, it’s not uncommon to seek out other creators and learn what they’re doing to create and grow their platform, niche or content.

Combined, We (Matt & Nadeem) have over 30 years of digital experience, and while we love what we do, we know that a.) the future belongs to the creators, and b.) we want to make growing a community sport so everyone who works for it can thrive.

Thank you for being a part of this community, reading our newsletters, engaging with our social media and listening/watching our podcasts.

We’re grateful to help and build this into truly something special!

Matt & Nadeem